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SEO Services in Gurgaon

If You Are Finding Quality SEO Services in Gurgaon that you have landed on the right page.

Search Engine Optimization is one of the key factor that works for Digital Marketing. This is the main reason that every Marketing Campaign takes at most care for it. Earlier their were only few companies were aware of the fact and therefore the competition was quite less.

With the increase in companies bringing their business online, it has become diligent to work with SEO. Looking at the importance of Search Engine Optimization, it can’t be neglected at any cost. Even the biggest business houses rely on traffic from Search Engines and thus spend hefty amount of money on SEO Services in Gurgaon.

More than 93% of all Online Experience starts from a Search Engine. What this means is that almost 9 out of 10 people would try search engine to search information rather than directly landing on your website. This should be enough for you to hire a Digital Marketing Consultant and start with your SEO Campaigns.

How I Provide The Best SEO Services in Gurgaon?

Search Engine Optimization consists of many factors, techniques and strategies to be dealt with. Search Engines crawl a website and store them in their database in a place related to the keywords they find during crawling. When a user searches for some Query then Search Engines come up with the web pages that are highly relevant and contains quality information.

There are more than 200 factors which judges the current position of a website in Search Engine results. No Search Engine have ever revealed the factors and algorithms that they use. But with years of research with hit and trial method people have learned the tactics of SEO. If you site will rank higher in Search Results, it is obvious that your information will be seen by the target audience.

I have been working with Search Engine Optimization from past 4 years. SEO has helped me to scale many Blogs and Websites in a short period of time. I can always use these strategies and techniques to Grow your Business in the following ways:

1. Rank Higher in Search Engine

Its a known fact that the first five Search Results on Google get 75 % of the total clicks. If your website is not ranking on any top positions then you are losing hundreds and thousands of people searching for information related to your field.

2. Highly Target Traffic

The websites ranking on the first page of Search Engines get highly organic traffic. Only a few people would bother to move to the second or further pages of the search page. Therefore my SEO services in Gurgaon will help you bring more organic traffic to your website.

3. New Customers and Lead Generation

The information you provide through your content attracts the visitor towards trying out your product or services. The more visitors you get the more chances for you to convert them into your genuine customers. More Customers More Profit 😀

4. Business Growth

There are many Businesses which totally depend on Search Engine Optimization for business growth. Organic traffic has high probability of getting converted into a customer. You can build a strong business model with Search Engine Traffic which eventually grows your Business in the mean time.

My Search Engine Optimization Process

Everyone uses different approach to get good results with Search Engine Optimization. There are uncountable ways to get the same SEO results which i already told above. Some people go with Black Hat Techniques which can show you immediate results, But end up ruining your brand on long term. I only use White Hat Techniques with genuine strategies to bring up positive results with our marketing campaigns.

White Hat Techniques do take time but they give you some stable outcomes. Your site will always follow the guidelines provided by Search Engines therefore reduces the chances to get penalized by Google or others.

Here is the step by step process that i follow while providing SEO Services in Gurgaon:

1. Initial Project Analysis

The SEO Campaign starts with complete initial analysis of the requirements by the organization. Complete structure and plan would be formulated for further steps. It actually depends on the SEO budget and time range that is allotted for the current project.

2. Niche Survey

The niche that your organization is working in will be surveyed efficiently. It is done to find key fields that could be helpful in getting positive results. One of the crucial step in SEO campaign and ignoring it can waste all other efforts in the SEO process.

3. Market Research – Keyword Research

After getting the overview of your Field now its time for finding profitable keywords. Keywords are nothing but queries that a user enters in the search engine for getting results. Finding low competition keywords with high search volume is the main goal here. Sometimes we can also choose a high competition keyword if we are stable enough with our previous works.

4. Competitor Analysis

Finding the web pages which are already ranking high for the selected keywords. We will be looking at the Web pages that are on the first page as a strategy for outranking them will always work for the web pages in further pages.

Complete research sheet will be prepared so as to get complete details about their Website Authority, Page Authority, Link Structure and Content dominance.

5. Search Engine Submission

If you have just started with a new website than we will need to submit it to all major search engines. Submitting the websites will make sure that Search Engines will index your website soon. The website will only be shown in the search results after it gets indexed in that specific Search Engine.

6. Setting Up Blog and Content Creation

A blog is very important part of any website either big or small. Even websites like Flipkart and Amazon do maintain a quality blog for providing information. A Blog gives fresh and updated content to your static website which is loved by people and search engines.

If you don’t have a website than a blog will be created and should be updated with fresh content.  I do provide content writing services in Gurgaon so it will be easier for me to provide quality content for your blog.

7. Social Sharing and Bookmarking

The blog posts will then be shared to all your Social Media Profiles. The website will also be added to Social Bookmarking Websites in the mean time. This step comes into Off page SEO and is one of the main factor deciding the outcome for SEO campaign.

8. OFF Page SEO

After the above steps we will be focusing more on Off page SEO strategies. It includes building the authority of your business online. Writing guest posts, Profile commenting, Broken Link Building are some of the ways to perform that. While providing SEO Services in Gurgaon i keep this in mind to take care that it never moves to Black Hat Techniques and always remains healthy strategy.

9. Monitoring and Reporting

Each and every change in the process will be monitored and reported for further references. This will give a complete overview about the SEO campaigns and how well we have performed with the completion of each step.

After getting positive results we will then continue the process and performing changes as per requirements. After completion on one factor we can then move to new fields and keywords soon.

These were the points about my SEO Services in Gurgaon that i provide. You can contact me for the SEO packages and further queries.

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