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How Can The Ranking Machine Help You?

My Journey into Digital Marketing and Blogging started when I was just 16 years old, In the year 2013. I have learned those Digital Marketing Strategies and Techniques on My own while experimenting with blogs and websites.

These experiments helped me to gain real experience about Digital Marketing that is required. Cramming up things won’t actually works in Marketing a product or service to the live audience. I can use my self learned skills to help you with your Marketing goals and reach higher in your every Digital aspect.

While I’ll surely apply all the things from my own knowledge, which would most probably help you in Digital Marketing. I’d also query into my network and connect with a lot of successful Digital Marketers to see what is working for them and then share the knowledge with you in a way that it helps you.

Whether it is in form of Articles, ebooks, courses and other resources, I want to provide the best Digital Marketing Resource for your Business either if its Online or an Offline one.

About The Person Behind The Curtains

Owner- The Ranking Machine

I’m Himanshu Sharma, a young and innovative Digital Marketing Consultant in Gurgaon.

My first work as a Digital Marketer was for my own Blog. I was just surfing the Internet and found a Blog which contained the articles about starting your own blog and earning money. The title was so catchy that i was not able to resist myself. I read each and every article and came up with my own blog.

I Started writing articles for my blog and just gradually copying things from here and there. But no one was actually coming to read my blog and that just pissed me off. While searching for tips to get visitors for my blog i got to know the term Search Engine Optimization. That is the starting point of me learning Digital Marketing.

As it was a complete new thing for me so i started doing experiments and tweaks on my blog. Things were really hard those days as there were only a few good resources to learn and find solution to the queries. But in the mean time it was teaching me something that is surely helping me in Building blogs and tweaking them on my own. After that i started many blogs like Beneath Tech, Present Slide and they were a huge success for me.

I have also written articles for ShoutMeLoud, Ziltag, BlogTrumpet, GoEventz and lot more. Managed my own social media accounts and pages on Facebook and Instagram and learned how to reach more users through social media. I have been featured in Flavours of Instagram Book for my articles that i share on Instagram.

This was a short summary about me and the blog that you landed on. If you have any query or you want me to work for your Marketing goals you can contact me from here-  Contact The Ranking Machine